Gwen Leslie

Helping you rediscover your sparkle

Gwen Leslie

Gwen Leslie

Helping you rediscover your sparkle

About You

Lovely Beyond Any Singing

Lovely beyond any singing
Imagine what that is like
Go there now
In your head
In your heart

Breathe in gently
Wait expectantly
For pictures to appear
Feelings to come
Senses to awaken

Stillness and peace
As you touch
The Infinite you


Who is lovely beyond any singing.

Gwen Leslie


Rumi “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.

Sometimes we put up barriers to protect ourselves.  At the time it seems absolutely appropriate and yet years down the line if we are living our lives behind the barriers we miss out on a great deal.

We might find it difficult to fully engage with others, in love, in business, even just with life.

Also when we’re hurting we often end up in actual physical pain.

We live a small version of our true selves and find it hard to appreciate that we are indeed “lovely beyond any singing”.

I use muscle testing which is a wonderful biofeedback system where I can ask questions about the barriers you may have put up and through your muscle response, you answer the questions.  I then ask your response system the most appropriate correction and then apply it.

I don’t know the answers, you do.

If you’d like to discover your lovely sparkly self give me a call to chat or make an appointment.

The world needs the real you, the one like the fabulous, innocent children in this video!